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EHC Nurse Residency Library Resources

This guide is a resource for Emory Healthcare's Nurse Residency Programs.

PICO and formulating your search

Use PICO(T) to develop your question and identify keywords to search.

You must have at least three concepts to develop an effective search.  Most likely you may not have a comparison to your intervention.

PICO(T) stands for:

  • Population/ Patient Problem: Who is your patient? What is your population? What is the problem?
  • Intervention: What are doing for the patient?  What therapy? Treatment?
  • Comparison: Are you looking at an alternative for your intervention?  You may or may not have a comparison in your PICO
  • Outcome: What outcome are you working towards?  Length of stay?  Patient satisfaction?
  • *Time The time frame of interest.   Five years? Ten days?   Only include if time is relevant to your question.


What is the effectiveness of early ambulation, compared to bed rest, on decreasing post-op DVTs in adult patients.


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