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Oxford College Online Library Orientation

Welcome to Oxford College Library Orientation! Of course Orientation is more fun in person (see photos below), but don't worry! This guide is your introduction to the many resources we offer to all Emory University library users. 

If you have questions about this guide or anything else about the library, email your friendly neighborhood librarian using the sidebar on the left or chat with us here.


How to Use This Guide

This guide is broken down into bite-sized chunks (okay, maybe a little bigger than a bite), which you can access by using these tabs at the top or side of a page:

With each tab, you will find information about that part of our library service. Don't hesitate! Dive right in! 

Near the bottom of each tab, you will find a section like this . . .

. . . which lists a few challenges to give you some hands-on time with our resources.

When you have had your hands-on time, go on to the section called . . .

. . . and see how well you do! These Quizzes aren't graded BUT they must be completed to get your ORIENTATION POINTS!

When you have completed all the tabs, take the final self-assessment to get your QR Code to collect points for the Orientation Scavenger Hunt!

Have fun!