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Anti-Racism in Development Practice


Organizations to follow, who take a critical approach to development and work outside traditional approaches. Many confront racism within international development practices.

African Feminism. AfricanFeminism (AF) is a pan-African feminists digital space exploring African Feminisms through lived experiences.

Gender at Work.  Gender at Work is an international feminist knowledge network that works to end deiscrimination against women and build cultures of inclusion. Find their bimonthly podcast here.

No White Saviors. NWS is an advocacy campaign based in Kampala, Uganda that focuses on fostering change in the development and aid sector towards a more equitable & anti-racist direction.

PopWorks Africa. PopWorks is a collective of international development professionals that conducts training programs on sexual and reproductive health, economic empowerment, feminism, policy, communications and advocacy. PopWorks Africa offers several learning platforms on decolonizing international development.

AWID. AWID is a global, feminist, membership, movement-support organization working to achieve gender justice and women's human rights worldwide.

FRIDA The Young Feminist Fund.  FRIDA provides young leaders around the world with the resources they need to amplify their voices and bring attention to their work, and the support, flexibility and network to keep their vision and influence alive.

CREA. CREA builds feminist leadership, advances women’s rights, and expands sexual and reproductive freedoms.

Thousand Currents. Thousand Currents partners with grassroots groups and movements led by women, youth, and Indigenous Peoples in the Global South that are creating lasting solutions to our shared global challenges.

Development Communications and Imagery

GlobalGiving Community Photo Standards

How Matters: Changing the Narrative Weaving #ShiftThePower throughout the #GlobalDev Sector (4-part webinar series)

Malaka Gharib: What Do African Aid Recipients Think Of Charity Ads? Published on NPR’s Goats and Soda. (29 November 2018)