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Wall Street Journal Institutional Access

Guide for accessing current and historical Wall Street Journal Content

Emory's NEW New York Times Digital Program



Breaking News!

Beginning in July 2020, the Emory Libraries are offering a NEW Wall Street Journal digital access program!

With our new program, Emory students, faculty, and staff will have continuous access to the digital version of Wall Street Journal  and its online content, including the WSJ app. The archive goes back 4 years. For more archival research, go to Factiva which has 30 years of the WSJ, Wall Street Journal Historical, and Proquest WSJ. You also have access to the podcasts.


All current Emory students, faculty and staff (with an address) have online access to the Wall Street Journal online, as well as the app.  You must first set up a Wall Street Journal online account.Unfortunately, our license restricts usage to those with an address.

Step 1:  Go to

Step 2:  Sign in to the Emory’s Single Sign-On web page with your Emory University email and password

Step 3:  The first time you sign on you will be taken to a separate Wall Street Journal (WSJ) sign-in web page.

a. Account Type—select your status: Student, Staff, or Professor

b. Email Address—It is suggested you use a different email address than your Emory one.

c. Password—You have to enter a password for the Wall Street Journal account you are setting up.

(Do NOT enter your Emory University password at this step since this is NOT an Emory account, but rather a WSJ account)

After it is set up you will also be able to access this new account from the WSJ app on your phone/tablet.

Step 4:  After the first time signing on, you will be able to sign in directly through


For Students: You will only need to authenticate once through Emory. You will continue to have access for three months post-graduation. At that time you will be eligible for a special offer to maintain your own digital WSJ subscription.

For Faculty and Staff: You will need to refresh your access by re-authenticating once a year through Emory. You will receive a notice via your email.

For Existing Subscribers: WSJ does not allow 2 simultaneous subscriptions for the same user.  You can cancel your existing subscription and then go through the activation process via Emory. You should be able to reactivate the old account credentials if you so desire.  Call Customer Service to cancel at 1-800-JOURNAL (1-800-568-7625) and ask for the Education team.