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Reproductive Rights

Introduction to Contraception Law

Contraceptive issues remain a major aspect of reproductive rights as information about and access to contraceptives dictates when and whether an individual or couple chooses to start a family. Below are legal research resources focused on contraception.

Landmark Cases in Federal Contraception Law

Issues of contraceptive law have been contested in the courts for decades, ranging from establishing the use of contraceptives to determining insurance coverage of reproductive medicine. Contraceptive rights in the United States were established and confirmed in the following key decisions:

Searching the Emory Library Catalog

Westlaw and Lexis are wonderful tools for finding primary sources (cases, statutes, etc) as well as secondary sources like law review articles. Our catalog should be used to search for additional sources available to you. Call numbers can be used to find books in the catalog and on the shelves. Subject terms searches can be used to find every resource tagged with that particular term, which is an excellent way to identify relevant works. Some helpful examples of both are provided below.

Call Numbers

  • Family Law - KF501-KF554
  • Reproduction - RG133
  • Women - Legal Status -  KF477

Subject Terms