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Introduction to Law School Study Aids

Study Aids are a large part of success in law school.  Choosing the right study aid at the right time in the semester is critical.   This page has been created to help you choose the right study aid for your current needs.   Print copies of all of the most popular study aids from more than 15 publishers are available for check-out for up to two hours on the 2nd Floor of the law library. 

  • Search our Catalog by Series title (see below) to see what's available.
  • To talk with a Research Services librarian for study aid recommendations during Reference Hours listed on the right.  

West's Study Aids Online Collection

West Study Aids package

The West Academic Study Aids Collection offers online access to hundreds of West Publishing's study aids, audiobooks and lectures, and interactive practice questions to help you succeed in law school.  This online collection supplements MacMillan Law Libraries' print collection which includes titles from Lexis publishing, Wolters Kluwer Publishing, Carolina Academic Press, and others.  

Titles included in the West Academic Study Aids online collection:

General Course Concepts

At the 2nd Floor Service Desk: 

Nutshell Series (West)                              Short & Happy Series (West online only)          Understandings Series (Lexis)



 Mastering Series (CAP)                            Concepts & Insights (Foundation Press)           Concise Hornbook Series (West)


West has:

Analytical Guide to Evidence - An Overview of Relevance and Hearsay: A Nine-Step Analytical Guide by Norman M. Garland.

This article is an analytical guide to the study of two major aspects of evidence: relevance and hearsay. The vehicle used by this guide is a step-by-step, nine-question analysis, applicable to any admissibility of evidence problem.  This guide should help one determine whether any item of evidence is admissible under the rules of evidence pertaining to relevance and hearsay.  

Lexis has:

Learn Civil Procedure from the Recognized Expert - a series of short videos by Jay Wagstaffe on learning, surviving and thriving in first-year Civil Procedure.

Bloomberg has:

How to Use Study Aids Effectively

Still Need to Dig a Little Deeper?

At the 2nd Floor Service Desk: 

Examples & Explanations Series (Wolters Kluwer)

Commercial Course Outlines

At the 2nd Floor Service Desk: 

Emanuel Law Outlines (Wolters Kluwer)        Gilbert Law Summaries (Gilbert)                   Black Letter Outlines (West) 



West has:

Outline Shells (Note: same as Black Letter Outlines in print)

Lexis has:

BarBri Outlines for Law School Courses:

  • First-year courses: Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts and Sales, Criminal Law, Personal Property, Real Property, Torts
  • Upper-level courses: Constitutional Law, Corporations, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Professional Responsibility, Trust, and Wills. 

Bloomberg has:

Law School Outlining - Why, When and How to do It

Sample Questions / Problems

At the 2nd Floor Service Desk: 

Questions & Answers (CAP)             Siegel's Series (Wolters Kluwer)             Glannon Guides (Wolters Kluwer)



West Academic Assessment: Short Answer Questions.

Flow Charts, Toolkits and Flashcards

At the 2nd Floor Service Desk: 

CrunchTime (Wolters Kluwer)          Law in a Flash (Wolters Kluwer)


West has

Course Flowcharts - for a variety of courses:

  • Business Courses (18),
  • Intellectual Property Courses (9),
  • Labor & Employment Courses (6), and
  • Litigation Courses (4). 

Litigation Toolkits ("Toolkits include resources such as Practice Notes, Standard Documents, Checklists and Flowcharts.") 

West Academic Assessment: Practice Essays

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