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MacMillan Law Library Services and Response to COVID-19: Faculty Support

Questions for the MacMillan Law Library?

General Questions? 
Please complete this Questions for the Law Library? form.

Faculty Research Question?
Please complete our Faculty Request form.

Student Research Question?
Please complete our Student Research Request form. 

MacMillan Library Hybrid Research Services (January 30 - April 30, 2022):

          Monday: 8am - 5pm
          Tuesday - Friday: 8am - 8pm
          Saturday: 12pm - 4pm 
          Sunday: Closed 

MacMillan Library Building Hours (January 30 - April 30, 2022)

Monday - Friday: 7:30am - Midnight
Saturday: 10am - Midnight
Sunday: 12pm - Midnight 

Reference Desk (January 30 - April 30, 2022):
Monday: 12pm - 6pm
Tuesday - Thursday: 2pm - 8pm
Friday: 2pm - 4pm
Saturday: 12pm - 4pm 
Sunday: Closed 

Virtual Reference Desk (January 30 - April 30, 2022)
Monday: In-person only 
Tuesday - Thursday: 10am - 1pm
Friday: 10am - 2pm 
Saturday: In-person only
Sunday: Closed

IT Help Desk:
Monday - Friday: Closed (see IT Virtual Help Desk below)
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

IT Virtual Help Desk
Email us at and we'll reach out to you via Zoom.

Have something checked out from us?

And need to return it but you haven't been cleared to return to campus or are not in the Atlanta area?  Please see our Returning Library Materials guidelines for additional information.   

If you are graduating in May, please return all library materials by June 1st.  If you are not in the Atlanta area, see Returning Library Materials guidelines for instructions for self-shipping your library items.  

Please contact for additional assistance.

Faculty Research Support

Research Services continues to operate normally during our Research Services hours:
          Monday: 8am - 5pm
          Tuesday - Friday: 8am - 8pm
          Saturday: 12pm - 4pm
          Sunday: Closed  

Document Delivery

Please continue to use the Faculty Request System to submit document delivery requests.

  • If the document is available electronically, the request will be fulfilled as normal.
  • If the document is available in print only and
    • Is in the Emory Libraries collection, the request will be fulfilled, however, delivery times may be longer than normal.
    • Is not in the Emory Libraries collection (and therefore only available via inter-library loan), we will submit an ILL request, however, delivery times cannot be guaranteed.

Research Requests

Please continue to use the Faculty Request System to submit research requests.

Want help using the digitized portion of the Emory Law Archives?  Email Erin Grimes, Law Librarian for Archives and Research Services.

West's Academic Assessment package at Emory Law

NEW for Fall 2020 - West's Academic Assessment - a self-assessment platform - is now available to all ELS students and faculty.   

West Academic Assessment Introduction (Video 9:11) 

The Bluebook - online access

The 21st Edition of the Bluebook is available online.  Individual subscriptions are available starting at $39 per year.

Course Reserves

To submit copyrighted material for Course Reserves, please continue to use the Faculty Request System here.  

Where eBooks are not available, faculty may consider posting some of the course reading to Emory's Course Reserves System.  Copyright issues are still a factor to consider when posting copyrighted materials and, as a rule of thumb, only 10% of a published work is considered "fair use for educational purposes" in copyright situations.  Emory University has many options for posting copyrighted material if that material exceeds 10% of the published work.  In order to take advantage of these options, copyrighted material MUST be posted in the Course Reserves Systems and linked to Canvas rather than loading content onto Canvas directly.  By using the Course Reserves System, Emory University can obtain appropriate copyright clearance as well as track the number of students actually accessing the content.

When considering which materials to submit to the Course Reserves System, we ask that you consider only posting materials in one- or two-week increments until the end of the semester so (1) we can efficiently process and obtain copyright clearance for eminent classes, and (2) to further strengthen the "fair use" argument that this short-term stop gap is not suitable substitution for students buying the textbooks as normal.

If you have any questions at all, the best way to hear from the library is still to use the Faculty Request System.

Library and Information Technology Services (LITS) Resources For Faculty

Be prepared: Libraries & Information Technology offers multiple workshops related to remote teaching, such as Zoom Practice Session, Canvas Essentials for Remote Teaching and Canvas Quiz Tool. See the training calendar to register for a session that fits your needs. 

  • You will need your NetID and Password to access OPUS (student records system) and Canvas (learning management system).
  • You will need DUO Mobile (Emory’s online security system) so that you can access OPUS and Canvas when you are off campus.

Online Instruction Technology:

OPUS - Emory University's student records system. 

Canvas - Emory University's learning management system.

  • For more information on teaching remotely via Canvas, see the Keep Teaching With Canvas page created by the Teaching and Learning Technologies division of LITS.  This page includes information on 
    • Essentials for Remote Teaching,
    • Considering your Course Priorities,
    • Making a Plan, and
    • Contact information for Help Support.
  • Additional information on teaching with Canvas can be found on the LITS For Faculty help page.
  • Questions regarding Canvas, please email OR call Canvas at 844-765-2516

Zoom - Emory University's video conferencing service.

Emory University's version of Zoom has been upgraded to support up to 300 users per Zoom meeting. Corky Gallo (Emory Law IT) has prepared this short how-to video (5:25) for reference: How to Record a Lecture using Zoom

  • Pre-Recording a Lecture/Class Using Zoom
    • Log into Emory Zoom using your campus credentials (NETID and password)
    • Under the Meetings tab (left sidebar) Schedule a New Meeting
    • Title the meeting (class name/date or a meaningful title of your choice)
    • Ignore date or duration of the meeting, as the recording ends when you click End Meeting.
    • For Video, click ON for Host
    • Under Meeting Options, click Record the meeting automatically, and then click In the Cloud
    • Hit Save
    • You can then Start this Meeting (upper right). The provided video link goes into greater detail about Screen Sharing.
    • When finished, hit End Meeting. The recording will then be processed in the cloud, and you will get an email with the link once it’s done, which you can then share with students or post to Canvas
  • Scheduling a Live Class Using Zoom
    • Log into Emory Zoom using your campus credentials (NETID and password)
    • Under the Meetings tab (left sidebar) Schedule a New Meeting
    • Title the meeting with a meaningful title such as: Property 545-007 Prof. Smith
    • For Date and Time click Recurring Meeting, and in the drop-down menu for Recurrence, select No Fixed Time. The link being sent to students will remain consistent and you will be able to use this meeting as your regular classroom meeting.
    • For Video, you can click ON for Host, or you can leave it unchecked and turn the camera on when you start the class. You can do the same for participants. They can easily turn their camera on or off as needed.
    • Under Meeting Options,
      1. Typically, it is best to leave the ‘Enable join before host’ button checked.
      2. You may want to Record the meeting automatically. If so, check the box, and then click In the Cloud.
    • Hit Save
    • The page for the meeting will now be displayed, with a blue Join URL address halfway down. This is the link you would copy and send to the students or post to Canvas. As mentioned, if you set this up as a recurring meeting, this address will remain the same for all subsequent classes.
    • Whenever you’re ready to teach, navigate to this meeting and click Start this Meeting (upper right).
    • You have the option of using the Screen Sharing feature to display PowerPoint, web pages, etc.
    • When finished, hit End Meeting. If you’re recording the class, the recording will then be processed in the cloud, and you will get an email with the link once it’s done, which you can then share with students or post to Canvas.

IT Support Contact Information:

  • Using OPUS: email OR call central IT at 404-727-777
  • Getting and/or resetting your Emory NetID and Password, or accessing your Emory email: call central IT at 404-727-7777
  • Law School IT Help: