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HIST 285/LACS 270 Resistance in Afro-Latin America

This guide is designed to assist the students in Professor Rall's Spring 2023 Semester course with the research for their final paper.



Your final assignment will be composed of two parts: a 10-minute final presentation on your paper topic and a final paper. You will write an 8 to 10-page final paper, analyzing and giving historical context to at least three primary sources. Your final paper must explore an aspect of Black resistance in Latin America. It should have a central argument—this is not just a description of a historical event—and be able to argue why your chosen topic is an example of resistance. You will present your research to your peers in the last two weeks of the course.

This is also an assignment which you can be more creative—if you would like to submit something other than a traditional paper (i.e., a video, an artistic depiction with a caption, a short story) let me know. If you are unsure of how to proceed with this, we can meet to discuss your options in more detail.


Final Assignment: 40% (of total grade)

10% Paper Proposal

10% Final Presentation

20% Final Paper