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HIST239 | AAS239: A History of African Americans Since 1865 / Aldridge

Welcome to the HIST239 / AAS239 Research Guide

Welcome to your library research guide! Feel free to contact me if you have questions or if you'd like to set up an appointment to discuss your research in more detail.

Erica Bruchko - Librarian for African American Studies

Find African American History Materials

In the library catalog, you can search by something called "Subject Headings." Subject headings allow researchers to search by pre-defined terms. Although not all materials are indexed in this way, it's a place to start!

Here are some examples:

African Americans--History

African Americans--History--1863-1877

African Americans--History--1877-1964

African Americans--History--1964-

For more search tips, go to the tabs to your left.