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Stress Busters

Tech to Keep In Touch


Started as way for gamers to stay connected, this social app allows you to create your own chat channels with a virutally unlimited number of members. This app allows for text and audio-based chat, and the streaming of games and media. All you need to sign up is an email!


Netflix Party:

This plugin allows you and multiple friends to simultaneously watch Netflix together without that difficult "3...2...1...GO!" that at least one person always goofs up. It also has a chat feature to keep you from having to bounce from tab to tab to share your thoughts on what you're watching!



This video-sharing app is a really fun way to video chat on your phone with multiple people. Complete with games like Pictionary and Heads Up, this app is especially fun to use with family!


Gaming Resources

Dungeons and Dragons:

Wizards of the Coast has uploaded a ton of amazing, free resources to get you started! Dungeons and Dragons is a great way to stay creative and in touch with a group of friends. They've uploaded the basic rules, and an extended, huge document to help get you start!

Jackbox Games

These wacky games encourage players' creativity, knowledge, and wit across games ranging from art compeitions to trivia shows. The best part is, only one person in your group of players needs to own the game! That player can share their screen, and anyone with a phone can join in.


One Night Werewolf Online:

Your favorite game of lying to your friends and accusing them of being werewolves is digital! this game can be played with up to 13 people, and is sure to build some wild stories.

Art Resources

Pixilart: This free, online art program allows you to make fun pixel art creations.


Krita: This open-source software is free to download and packed with resources and tutorials on how to get started with art.