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Stress Busters

Study Aids

Study Aids - General Information

Print copies of all of the most popular study aids from more than 15 publishers are available for check-out for up to two hours on the 2nd Floor of the law library. 

  • To search DiscoverE for study aids by series or by topic visit the library's website at Collections@MacMillan: Study Aids & Past Exams.
  • To confirm the study aid you want is available for check out, call our Service Desk at (404) 727-6824.  Note: Study aids are subject to the same mandatory three-day quarantine as the rest of MacMillan Law Library's print collection.
  • To reserve space on the 2nd Floor, visit the law library's website at Reserve A Seat or
  • To talk with a Research Services librarian for study aid recommendations, visit our Virtual Reference Desk during Reference Hours listed on the left.  

Finding Journal Articles

To make it easier to find all subscriptions to a particular journal, use our eJournals tool to find your article.  

Step 1: Open Emory Library's catalog, DiscoverE, and select "eJournals A-Z" (above the search bar).

Step 2: Search for your journal title and click the title you want - this will open a new window

Step 3: In the new window, review the list of databases that include access to this journal.  Notice that some databases have different coverages while other include embargos on the most recent issues.  Select the database that includes access to the date range of your journal article.

Step 4: Once in the appropriate database, either Browse the database for your volume/issue or search using the article's title.

If Emory does not have full text access to the journal / article you are trying to find, then you will need to request it from another library via InterLibrary Loan (ILL).  To request an article via ILL: 

  1. Find the journal you want in Worldcat and click "View Description" to locate the information necessary to request the book via ILL.
  2. Log into ILLIAD, and select "Copy of Article" and submit your request.
  3. When the scan of the article is ready, it will appear in your ILLIAD account. 

Understanding Embargos

Finding Journal Articles using DiscoverE's "eJournals" Tool

Emory University Libraries subscribe to thousands of journals electronically.  It is common to have full text access to one journal via multiple database subscriptions.  It is also common for each of those subscriptions to include different date ranges of each journal or include embargos on more recent articles. 

What do "different data ranges" and "embargos" mean?

Just because the library has a journal in our catalog, doesn't mean all of it is accessible from every link we provide. 

Image of embargo dates for a journal

In the image above, you can see two options for this journal!

The first link says: "Available from 2006, volume: 1 issue: 1" - This means that this database subscription provides every article published in this journal from 2006 through today. Every article that appears from Volume 1, Issue 1 will be available to you if you select this link.

The second link says: "Available from 2011. Most recent 1 year(s) not available." - This means that this database subscription only provides every article published in this journal from 2011 to the issue before the most recent year.

Even though both of these links will take you get you articles from the journal, the first will allow you access to many more articles!

Searching for Databases

Scheduling a Research Consultation

Need some help with your research strategy?  Not sure where to begin your research?  For larger research questions, or to schedule a specific time to meet with a Research librarian one-on-one, please complete our Student Research Consultation Request form.