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Woodruff Library Tour Notes for Orientation Leaders 2016

Highlights on Level 2 (MAIN FLOOR)

Highlights on Level 2 (MAIN FLOOR)

Security Desk/entrance

  • Use Emory card to enter
  • Lost & found here at Security

Learning Commons (on Levels 1, 2 and in Music and Media Library)‚Äč

  • 94 iMac and 9 Windows workstations with productivity & statistical software
  • 10 EaglePrint printers including 6 multifunction printers able to print, copy, and scan in BW and Color
    • Print B&W - single-sided 8 cents, double-sided 12 c
    • Color print -single-sided 50 cents, double-sided 75c
    • Scan & email (free)
  • Moveable furniture, whiteboards for studying & collaboration.

Room 213

  • Presentation Practice room and web conferencing
    • students can record themselves giving a presentation
    • built in camera and audio for conferencing

Library service desk

  • Check out books
  • Get help with printing/copying/library computers
  • Get help with research


Level 1

  • Peet's Coffee shop
  • Level 1 = Social studying space
  • Student Technology Support -- for student-owned devices
    • Virus removal - laptops and desktops
    • Connectivity support - all student devices
    • All questions related to technology
  • Group studies 103, 106, 107, 109, 112, 115 (Plus more group studies in Music & Media library and in stacks)
    • Group Study Reservations -- Students can reserve all group study space in Woodruff Library using the Student Digital Life Resource Schedule on the Student Digital Life website

Level 3

Level 3

Emory Center for Digital Scholarship

  • Partner to create digital projects.
  • Use their special software on Level 3 Learning Commons

Matheson Reading Room (across bridge into other building)

  • Quiet study space

Shatten Gallery

  • Rotating exhibit highlighting special library collections

Level 4 Music & Media Library

MUSIC & MEDIA LIBRARY (Level 4, FRONT of building)

  • Borrow music/movies
  • Reserves for your classes (books your profs put on reserve for classes)
  • Borrow a variety of devices, including iPads, laptops, chargers, headphones, cameras and microphones.
  • MediaLab
    • Audio/Video production
    • 3D modeling
    • Graphic design
    • Large format printing
    • Scanning
    • access to thousands of video tutorials

Levels 4-8 Stacks

Levels 4-8 Stacks (BACK ELEVATOR)

  • Bookstacks / moveable shelving
  • Quiet study

Level 10: Rose Manuscript, Archives and Rare Book Library

Level 10 - Rose Library (NO food allowed)

  • The Rose Library is Emory’s special collections library -- they collect the paper records of writers, artists, politicians, scholars and organizations like Emory University. They even collect from student groups like sororities and fraternities and clubs.
  • Rose Library is on L10 of the library and is open to the public. In addition to a Reading Room for researchers, there are balconies with views of campus and the city.
  • Lots of students visit Rose Library for class sessions, assignments or just out of curiosity! All are welcome.