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Research Practice: Schemas

Research practices and processes.


A schema abstracted from a survey of what scholars actually do  

In 2009 OCLC, the world's largest library cooperative, commissioned a survey of scholars to get an idea of the practical techniques most commonly used in the process of doing research.  Here is a summary view in a schematic format.

  • Searching
    • Direct searching
    • Chaining
    • Browsing
    • Probing
    • Accessing
  • Collecting
    • Gathering
    • Organizing
  • Reading
    • Scanning
    • Assessing
    • Rereading
  • Writing
    • Assembling
    • Co-authoring
    • Disseminating
  • Collaborating
    • Coordinating
    • Networking
    • Consulting
  • Cross-cutting processes
    • Monitoring
    • Notetaking
    • Translating
    • Data practices

Source: Palmer, Carole L., Lauren C. Teffeau, and Carrie M. Pirmann. Scholarly Information Practices in the Online Environment Themes from the Literature and Implications for Library Service Development. 2009. 7 May 2009 <>.