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ANT 190: Masculinities, Mortality and Medical Anthropology

Dr. Peter Brown, Spring 2019

Tutorials and Handouts

Reference Resources and Bibliographies

Anthropology is a wide-ranging field with four subfields: Cultural/Social Anthropology, Physical/Biological Anthropology, Linguistics, and Archaeology. Anthropology also overlaps with a number of other disciplines, including biology, ecology, sociology, psychology, economics, political science, women's studies and various area studies. Therefore, in anthropology, in order to do comprehensive research, it is important to think about which other disciplines are relevant to your topic.

General Reference Resources

  • Oxford Reference Online. Includes full text content from more than 170 subject dictionaries, language reference, and subject reference works in the arts, humanities, social sciences and sciences.
  • Gale Virtual Reference Library: Full-text, cross-searchable online library of several interdisciplinary reference books.

Subject Specific Resources

Endnote or Zotero?

Endnote and Zotero are both excellent choices for reference management tools. These tools automate much of the work of compiling bibliographies, organizing and formatting citations, and keeping track of your reading list. The two guides listed below offer step-by-step instructions installing and using these programs, as well as a number of tutorials and tips.

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