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Introduction to International Law: Secondary Sources & News

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Secondary Sources

Treatises and other secondary sources are good resources to find citations, descriptions, analysis, summaries, translations, and reprinted text of international law documents.

Oxford Scholarship Online:  full-text, searchable electronic monographs on comparative, EU, human rights, public international and private international law

Cambridge Books Online: full-text, searchable electronic monographs on law, including English, European Union, UN, and international law.

Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law has articles on topics within international law, including the history and background of international law, human rights, environmental law, and international organizations. Entries include bibliographies, citations, and links to major documents and treaties, and the Oxford Law Citator

Parry and Grant's Encyclopaedic Dictionary of International Law (3rd edition; older edition in print - KZ1161 .P37 2004).

EU Glossary with European Union terminology

UN Treaty Reference Guide with Definitions and Glossary of Terms

Hein Online's Recueil des Cours: Course lectures from the Hague Academy of International Law found in the Hague Academy Library.

Brownlie's Principles of Public International Law, Oxford Public International Law

Restatement of Foreign Relations:  Principles of U.S. foreign relations and international law, with citations to cases, treatises and secondary sources. Available online through Westlaw,  Lexis and Hein Online.

ASIL Benchbook on International Law: Primer on international law in U.S. courts, with chapters on jurisdiction, international arbitration, human rights, international family law, and research resources.

CRS Reports for Congress on international law and U.S. foreign policy:


Law Reviews 

  • Lexis:  International Law Review Articles, Matthew Bender and Mealey's Publications
  • Westlaw: International law reviews and treatises
  • Hein Online includes:
  • Major individual journals on international law:
    • American Journal of International Law, available in print in periodicals and available online through Hein Online, JSTOR, Lexis and Westlaw
    • International & Comparative Law Quarterly, available online through Hein Online.
    • European Journal of International Law, available online through Westlaw and Hein Online.
    • International Journal of Legal Information, available in print in Periodicals and available online through Westlaw and Hein Online.

Foreign Affairs and Public Policy Journals

  • CIAO (Columbia International Affairs Online; Databases@Emory): Journals, working papers, policy briefs, reports from institutes, think tanks, political study centers, mostly U.S. and in English and  full-text
  • JSTOR (Databases@Emory): Full-text articles in pdf, disciplines include political science, public policy, Middle Eastern and Latin American Studies.
  • Foreign Affairs (Periodicals 1922-2001; D410 .F6 in Woodruff Library).  Available online through Hein Online and Lexis.
  • Keesings's Record of World Events: Monthly digest of political, diplomatic, and economic affairs, includes articles dating from 1931 to current.


Global Legal Monitor (Law Library of Congress): Provides legal news and developments from IGOs and other countries.  Browse by topic or by jurisdiction.

ASIL Insights: Brief analysis of newsworthy stories in international courts, treaties, and international law

ASIL International Law in Brief: Abstracts of and links to new primary documents in international law, updates ILM

International Law Update is a monthly publication with recent international law opinions of U.S., foreign, and international courts, international agreements, and other international law documents. Available on Westlaw, Lexis, and Hein Online.

Jurist World Legal News 

Peace Palace Library: International Law News

EIU Viewswire (via Databases@Emory): Business intelligence and news, plus country briefings and political news

Blogs on international law:


Tips for finding both foreign and international law documents and citation form:

  • Search by the document or case name in law review databases in Westlaw and Lexis to find citation forms used by other authors and editors, parallel citations, dates, and other finding information.
  • When using Google, try limiting your search by domain name (.org, .int,

Resources for finding citation information include: 

  • EISIL: Includes citation formats in More Information,  primary documents on international law under Basic Sources. Find treaties and documents using topical resource headings, or search.
  • Frequently-Cited Treaties and Other International Instruments (University of Minnesota): Arranged by topic and includes citation form, with links to EISIL and to Hein Online for image format.
  • Bieber's Dictionary of Legal Abbreviations (KF246 .B46 2001 at the Service Desk), also on Lexis Advance.
  • Prince's Dictionary of Legal Citations (KF246 .P73 2006 at the Service Desk)
  • World Dictionary of Legal Abbreviations (K89 .K38 at the Service Desk)
  • Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations: British, Commonwealth, and European Union legal abbreviations
  • Monash University Legal Abbreviations: Australian legal abbreviations 
  • Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law: Includes the Oxford Law Citator and links within articles to retrieve full citations for the referenced documents.
  • Oxford Law Citator: Search or browse for documents. Find citations for international law cases and treaties, related documents that cite your document, links to relevant sources in OUP databases (Max Planck Encyclopedia, Oxford Law Reports).

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