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LAW 867 - Global Histories of Sovereignty (Prof. Ruskola, Fall 2019)


Image from the frontispiece of Hobbes' Leviathan

Resources for Global Histories of Sovereignty

With the research component of your class in mind, we have compiled a listing of useful resources for research on the history of the concept of sovereignty in international law. Your research may include modern secondary sources on international law and history, historical works on international law, and secondary sources on social sciences. If you have any questions, please request a student consult with a librarian using the form linked on the left hand side of this guide.

Research Guides

Research guides on international law and other subjects will direct you to primary resources, secondary sources, and other materials for your research. Emory guides will include links to library databases and books available at Emory. Guides from other libraries may point you to useful materials to find in Emory collections or to get through interlibrary loan.


Encyclopedias and Bibliographies

Legal encyclopedias on international law will provide an introduction to topics like legal history and international law. They usually include document citations, citations to secondary sources, and bibliographies of other works. Bibliographies on international law will offer a longer list of secondary source titles for in-depth research.

Handbooks and Study Aids

Handbooks on international law subjects will include an introduction and more in-depth articles for your research. You can find citations to other secondary sources as well. Study aids on international law may also provide you with information on the history of international law.