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IDS 390 Interdisciplinary Research Design / Blakeley

Pre-Class Survey

Please fill out this brief survey to help me learn more about your research projects!

Getting Started, Quick Links, and Resources

Welcome! I am looking forward to supporting you with your research projects.

Below are some quick links to help you get started with your research and information about the content on this guide. Please get in touch if you have any questions!

Getting Started with the Emory Libraries Website -  

Spring 2021 Library Services - find the latest information about our services this fall, including ways to get materials, ways to get help, and how to find what you need. 

Library catalog - search here for e-books, print materials, and other resources at the library. See the Finding Books tab for help with locating books

Library Databases - we have hundreds of databases where you can find articles, data, streaming videos, newspapers, archival materials, and more. See the Finding Articles tab for more information and recommended databases.