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Plagiarism Resources for Emory Law Faculty: Reporting Plagiarism

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Reporting Plagiarism

If you believe one of your students has committed plagiarism, the first step is to contact Katherine Brokaw, Assistant Dean for Academic Engagement and Success, with your concerns.

Per the 2019-2020 Emory Law Student Handbook's Professional Conduct Code (pages 59-69), plagiarism is an act of Academic Misconduct (page 63) and can subject the student to prosecution by the Emory Law Professional Conduct Court (page 63).  More information about Emory Law's Professional Conduct Court can be found in the Student Handbook at pages 65-69.  The Court consists of selected faculty members, members of the student body and a member of the Emory Law Advisory Board.  Investigation and a prosecution of the offending student activity will ensue.  It is a confidential, albeit stressful and potentially damning endeavor.  There will be a closed hearing where cases are presented, and sanctions can be given.