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"Making" Progress Teach Out

A research guide for Emory's "Making" Progress Teach Out

Research Tips and Resources

Tips for searching online

Think about your search terms

  • You might need to try out different words and phrases to find the information you are looking for.
  • Remember that people might use different words than you to describe something, so be sure to try some different searches.

Think about what you need

  • What questions do you have?
  • What type of information will help you answer your questions?
  • Every research project is different, and the type of information you need, such as a newspaper article or an infographic, can be different for every research project.

Be aware of what you are consuming

  • Don’t just take things at face value! Part of research is using your critical thinking and evaluation skills.
  • Check out who wrote and published your article and think about why it was written. Is someone trying to persuade you to do something? Is the article trying to share facts?


Find information online

Wikipedia - Wikipedia can be a great place to start your research and learn more about a topic. You can often find other sources to use in the Additional Resources or References section. See this guide from Wikipedia for other search strategies and tips.

Advanced Google search - To have more control over your searches, try Google's Advanced Search page.

Google Scholar - A great place to find scholarly articles to help you with your research. Scholarly articles are written by experts on a topic. Note that not everything on Google scholar is free.

Directory of Open Access Journals - Use this directory to find articles in open access journals. Open access journals provide free, credible information and scholarship and can be a great resource to use for your research.

Google Newspaper Archives - Find archives of a number of different newspapers from different locations and different time periods.


Find local information and resources

Local public library - Your local public library is a great resource for research, and the librarians there can help you navigate both online and print material!

Local data - Many cities, states, and counties have data portals. In a data portal you can find data and information gathered by government offices. This information can range from housing data to census data to health data to transit maps and information. The examples below are for the Atlanta region. If you live elsewhere, do some browsing to see what public data is available for your local community.

Atlanta examples

Search for open government and local data