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First Year Composition - Research Guide

Accessing the Text

Many of the databases you will use will include the text of the article.  Sometimes you will have the choice between reading the text online or downloading it as a PDF.

However, some databases do not include access to the full text. In that case, you can find the article or book in two ways, using Find It or The Library Catalog - DiscoverE.

Using Find It

In some databases, you will see a Find It @ Emory button.  This button uses the citation information to find the text in the library catalog.

At its most awesome, the Find It button will lead directly to the article.

  1. Click the button,
  2. Click one of the blue links (Project Muse or ProQuest Research Library, in this case) on the catalog page,
  3. Article, voila!


When Find It does not take you to the article:

1. Find It takes you to the journal, but not the article.

In this case all you need to do is follow the citation information to navigate to the volume and issue of the journal that you need.  Sometimes we have the journal in print, in which case you will find it on the shelf or request it from the Library Service Center.

2. Find It says, "No Full Text Available."

  1. Staying in the catalog, search for the journal name.
  2. If you find the journal, use the citation to navigate to the article online or in print.

In this case, while the library does have the Southern Review online, it doesn't have the 1986 volume online.

However, we do have the 1986 volume in print, which you can sign-in and request from the Library Service Center.

If you still do not find the journal, you can get the article through Interlibrary Loan (see below).

Using the Catalog

To learn how to find materials using the catalog, take the Finding Book at the Emory Libraries Tutorial

When books are available, their location information is in green.  When they are checked out, their information is in red. The location of the book (which library or service center) comes before the call number.

Finding a Book on the Shelf

To find a book located in the library, use its call number. The first one here is "RC451.4 .W6 B45 2000." 

  1. Find the floor that RC451 is on -- level 4, which has PR1000-Z.
  2. On that floor, look for the aisle that has RC451 in the range on those shelves (RA200-RC645).
  3. Go through the books until you reach the letters RC and then the number 451, and finally go through until you get to .4, then W6, etc. (More in the tutorial above!) The books around this book will be about similar subjects.


Using Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service that allows you to access books and articles that Emory does not own.

Before submitting a request to ILL, make sure you look up the book or journal in the catalog. If we have it, use our copy. If it is checked out, recall it.

To use ILL, go to

Then fill out the form to request the book or article. You will be sent an email notification when the book arrives at the library or when a link to the article is available.