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Israel From the Palestine Mandate to the Present: A Research Guide



Parlamentary Records and Debates

See British/UK Parliamentary Papers Research Guide. 


Colonial Office Records

British Colonial Office Palestine Correspondence 1931-1934
Micfilm 1219
This is Public Record Office record class C.O. 733. Indexed by British Colonial Office Palestine Original Correspondence, 1927-1930; Guide to the Scholarly Resources Microfilm Edition of the Public Record Office Collection C.O. 733 (Microfilm 1219 Guide) and its companion volume with the same title covering 1931-1934 

Original Correspondence: Palestine
Micfilm 2085
This set is comprised of Public Record Office record classes 733 and 793. For C.O. 733 this set covers 1921-1948 with the exception of the years 1927-1934 covered in the microfilm listed above. There is no index to this set, however one may refer to List of Colonial Office Records: Asia (Government UK CD1042 .Ad G74, no. 16, v.6) for a list of the dates covered by each volume in the collection. In addition, the National Archives gives a partial breakdown of the class by subject. At the home screen type "CO 733" in the "search the catalogue" box.

C.O. 793 is the Register of Correspondence for Palestine and covers 1921-1939. It lists, in chronological order, the subjects of items contained in each file of each volume.

The Zionists Movement and the Foundation of Israel, 1839-1972  (10v.)
Stacks DS149 .Z677 2004
A collection of documents taken from both Foreign Office and Colonial Office files.

Foreign Office Records

British Documents on Foreign Affairs: Reports and Documents from the Foreign Office Confidential Print

Pt. II, Series B: Near and Middle East, 1918-1939
DS63 .2 .G7 B75 1985

Pt. III, Series B: Near and Middle East, 1940-1945
JZ632 .B762 1997

Pt. IV, Series B: Near and Middle East, 1946-1950
JZ632 .B772 1999

The "Confidential Print" was a means of distributing diplomatic dispatches and other papers among government offices and agencies. These documents were generally reports of conditions or other matters in a country or area that observers, diplomatic, military, or civilian, thought important. All of these volumes have a table of contents with two or four word descriptions of the contents of each document. Relevant volumes are:


Confidential British Foreign Office Political Correspondence.

Palestine and Transjordan, 1940-1946
Microfilm 4216 and Micfilm Guide 4216


Confidential British Foreign Office political correspondence. Palestine, 1947-1948
Micfilm 4215
These two sets reproduce documents from record class F.O. 371: General Correspondence, Political. The microfilm has no guide or index but the following title may be used for general descriptions of the files:


Public Record Office, London. List of Foreign Office Records. General Correspondence (Political).
GovUkFolio CD1042 .A2 G74
See volumes 18-29 for descriptions of F.O. 371 files from 1940-1948. Palestine is always covered in the section entitled "Eastern."

Minorities in the Middle East. Jewish communities in Arab countries, 1841-1974 
Stacks DS135 .A68 M56 2005
A collection of Foreign Office reports.  



The Zionist Movement and the Foundation of Israel, 1839-1972 
Stacks DS149 .Z677 2004
"These volumes draw together documents found in the British National Archives to trace the origins and development of the Zionist movement in the 19th and 20th centuries...." (Editor's Preface. p. v)

Records of Jerusalem, 1917-1971 
Stacks DS109.93 R43 2002
"The documents included in the present book are taken mainly from... the Foreign Office, Colonial Office, War Office and Prime Minister's records...." The papers also include American State Department material and United Nations documents and telegrams." (Publisher's Note, p. v)