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Israel From the Palestine Mandate to the Present: A Research Guide

Historical and Biographical

Encyclopaedia Judaica. 2nd ed .

The second edition of this great reference work updates both articles and bibliographies and includes new topics.


Encyclopedia of the Palestinians (2005)
 DS113.6 .E53
2005Covers the period of Ottoman Rule, the British Mandate, and the years after 1948 with emphasis on the twentieth century.


Entsiklopedyah le-halutse ha-yishuv u-vonav 19 volumes (1947-1979)
A collection of biographies of early Jewish settlers in Palestine and the State of Israel.

Current Events

EIU Country Reports

By the Economist Intelligence Unit, this database reports on Israeli (and other countries') political, business and economic conditions


Europa World Plus 

Provides statistics, names of officials, addresses (including email and URL's) of government offices, media, business organizations and more.  Especially valuable for its coverage of "Recent History" which provides an excellent summary of the events of the past ten to fifteen years.  Both the Recent History section and the summary of Economic Conditions are found under "Country Profile."  We also have print editions of this (titled Europa Year Book) going back to 1960 at (stacks) D2. E821.


Library of Congress: Israel : a country study

Primary focus is on history, economic and social conditions, and political and diplomatic matters.