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Zotero collects, manages, and cites research sources. It's free and easy to use.

Zotero and MOST Databases

For MOST databases, Zotero works via the automatic detection feature -- that is, when you have a page of results, the Zotero connector in your browser displays a folder icon. When you click on the folder, you get a list of all the items on the results page, and you check the items you want to save into Zotero. Click "OK" to save them into your library:


When you have a page of results from a database search, you can click on the Zotero connector folder icon to select the results you want to save.

When you are displaying a results page with a single item (a book, an article, a movie, etc.) the Zotero icon changes to reflect whatever type of item is displayed, as in the article example below where it looks like a page. Click on the icon to save the reference:

to save a single article from a database search, click on the Zotero connector page icon.

Find it @Emory and Zotero

You've probably seen the Find it @Emory button in some article databases that allows you to locate the full text of an article online. Zotero allows you to use the same feature.

To set up Zotero to access the Find it @Emory server, open Zotero Preferences and choose the Advanced tab.

Paste this url into the "Resolver" box and click "OK:

Once you've set this up, you can select the Library Lookup button on any citation you're viewing to search for the item online.