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Register for Emory's NEW NYT Digital Program

Follow these steps to register for online and mobile access to the NYTimes:

1.Please use this link to get to Emory's NYT Digital Access. 

2.You will be prompted to authenticate using your Emory NetID/Password.

Create Account to set up your NYTimes account.

4.Email Address: you must use your email

5. What type of user are you? 

  • Student - you must select your Graduation Year
  • Faculty/Staff/Administrator

6.Within an hour of clicking Sign Up, you will receive a welcome/confirmation email from NYTimes. Click on the link embedded in the email to complete your account activation.

You can now download the app for your mobile devices, sign in, and start reading the NYTimes. You can also log in directly to the website.

Questions? See FAQs below or email



1. What if I already have a personal account from a personal subscription?

a. The NYT only allows for one account per user; so, if you already have an account because of a personal subscription, you will need to log in with that account, or cancel the subscription to take advantage of the Emory access.

2. What if I have an existing personal subscription that I want to cancel in order to take advantage of Emory's free access?

a. Call NYTimes Customer Care at 800-591-9233.

3. Once I graduate, when will my account be turned off?

a. Sept. 30 of your graduation year

4. If I’m a faculty or staff member, when will my registration expire? 

a. Every 52 weeks after your initial registration, you will need to reauthenticate. When you experience hitting the paywall (e.g. articles are “locked”), just click on the registration link, click “Already have an account? Log in here,” and log in with your email and your existing NYTimes password. Your access will resume uninterrupted for another 52 weeks.