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Health Economics: Public Policy Matrix

Public Policy Matrix

Problem Definition and Agenda Setting

Newspaper Articles

Policy/Think Tanks

Public Policy Databases

Agency Reports and Documentation

Public Policy Matrix (II)

Policy Formulation and Adoption 

Executive Branch Documents

Budgetary Documents

Congressional Committee Hearings and Prints

Bills and Resolutions

Interest Groups, Subnational Entities

Public Policy Matrix III

Implementation, Impact and Evaluation

General Accounting Office Reports

CRS Summaries and Reviews

Committee Hearings

Policy Groups/Think Tanks Analyses

Newspaper/Journal Analyses

State Resources

  • Book of the States
  • Lexis-Nexis State Capital
    Excellent resource that holds information on state bills, statutes, regulation, issues, etc. Allows you to search across state papers, National Council of State Legislatures briefs, reports, and magazines.
    Excellent site that collects and archives articles and reports about different issues of state politics. Has a searchable archive and allows you to search by state, keyword, issue, etc. The only downside is that the site links to several articles from sources which require (free registration).
  • National Governors Association 
    Extensive list and full-text of policies and reports on federal-state relations, economic development, human and natural resources.
  • City and County Data Book (University of Virginia)
    The 1988, 1994, and 2000 electronic editions are available here. These data books contain a substantial amount of information on a variety of state-level socio-economic and demographic indicators. Print copies available in Reference.
  • Gateway to State and Local Information (from the Rockefeller Institute of Government)
    News, data, and analysis on the finances and unemployment of state and local governments. A number of downloadable excel files are available.
  • State and Local Government Information (Library of Congress) 
    Large portal of links to various state government agencies and legislative bodies.
  • Council of State Governments
    Coordinating group that analyzes and investigates state issues and policies and publisher of the Book of the States.
  • University of Michigan State Governments and Politics 
    Mega-site of sorts that lists and organizes numerous websites dedicated to state government and politics. Note that there are many links on the site that may be outdated or unavailable.
  • Assessing the New Federalism 
    Research program that analyzes federalism as it affects the management of social programs in the states. Data is available for download as are a number of publications produced by the program. Focuses primarily on public policy.