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Summer RA Workshop - 2022


Print copies of the Bluebook are kept with the Course Reserves. To check them out, ask for them at the Circulation Desk.

Georgetown Law Bluebook Research Guide

Georgetown's excellent guides introduces you to the Bluebook in detail. It includes video tutorials for both Cases and Statutes.

University of Washington Law Bluebook 101

UW also provides a comprehensive guide. It includes videos including for important topics like Signals, Cross-References, and Online Sources.

Hein Online (citation generator)

In addition to an effective citation generator, Hein provides pdf originals of most US law review articles. These can be a very useful because they let you see how others have cited a source.

LexisNexis Interactive Citation Workstation

Follow the link and sign into Lexis. Choose go to Lexis+. Then click the box in the top left next to the Lexis+ logo, and select Interactive Citation Workstation. The bottom right box (called Student Citation Manual Exercises) will take you to online exercises that you can use to learn the Bluebook.