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Law 833 - Law & Vulnerability (Prof. Fineman, Spring 2022)

Finding a Topic

The following sources can be helpful when choosing or revising a topic (just don’t forget to also do a preemption check by searching working papers and law review articles to make sure your tentative topic hasn’t already been written on). 

Bloomberg Law Resources

Law Blogs:

Current events  (via databases available at Emory University) 

DVDs related to feminist legal theory included in the MacMillan Law Library’s collection (located on the 2nd Floor behind the Service Desk):

  • LaDonna Harris Indian 101 [Native American] (2014), DVD No. 665
  • Reflections Unheard: Black Women in Civil Rights (2013), DVD No. 656
  • Six Days, Three Activists, Three Wars, One Dream (2013), DVD No. 666
  • Justice for Sale: Confession of Rape in Congo (2012), DVD No. 423
  • Red Wedding: Women Under the Khmer Rouge (2012), DVD No. 446
  • The Grey Area [about women in prison] (2012), DVD No. 641
  • Mothers of Bedford [about mothers in prison] (2011), DVD No. 640
  • The Price of Sex [about human trafficking and sexual slavery] (2011), DVD No. 443
  • Invoking Justice [about family disputes in Southern India] (2011), DVD No. 417
  • Saving Face [about acid attacks in Pakistan] (2011), DVD No. 422
  • Made in India [about surrogacy] (2010), DVD No. 439
  • The Vienna Tribunal [Global Tribunal on Violations of Women's Human Rights] (2010), DVD No. 438
  • Mrs. Goundo's Daughter [about female genital surgeries] (2009), DVD No. 392
  • Quest for honor [about “honor killing”] (2009), DVD No. 425
  • Sin by silence [about violence against women] (2009), DVD No. 600