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SPAN 385 Race and Nation in Latin America

This guide is designed to help the students in Dr. Garcia Blizzard's Fall 2021 course with their research

Find Books

DiscoverE is  Emory's main search tool to find books, the titles of journals, videos, government documents, microfilm collections and other materials.

Using discoverE to find books

From the Catalog tab in discoverE  do a simple search:

  • Type in your search terms
  • When you get some results, use "Refine My Results" on the left to narrow your search by author, item type, date and more

You can also do an Advanced Search in discoverE which will allow you to search by title, author, etc as well as limit by format or language.

Keyword Search: Use keyword searching on a single term or to combine concepts (X AND Y) and to search for particular words or phrases that might appear in titles or notes or subjects: See examples below:

Afro Mexic*, Afro Brazil*, Indians and race, blacks and Cuba, slavery and Latin America, race relations and Chile, indigenous peoples and Latin America, mestizaje.

Subject Headings

Library Catalog records include subjects, or tags from an official list. They describe what the books or other items are about. Clicking on subjects from within a catalog record or using them as keywords in searches can help you find similar books.

These subject headings might be useful to you for this class:

Anti-imperialist movements

Blacks / Black women [with subheading for country or region, e.g. Blacks -- Cuba]

Culture and globalization

Indians of Central America [also search for by name, e.g. Mayas / Maya women]

Indians of Mexico [also search for by name, e.g. Zapotec Indians / Zapotec women]

Indians of South America [also search for by name, e.g. Aymara Indians / Aymara women]

Indigenous peoples / Indigenous women

Immigrants / Woman immigrants

Internally displaced persons



Politics and culture


Race discrimination

Racially mixed people / Racially mixed women


Social classes

Social conflict


Most of these subject headings can be divided by country or region (e.g. Peru, Brazil, Latin America, Caribbean Area) and many can also be further subdivided by topic. Useful sub-headings may include:

Colonies [used after a country name, e.g. Spain -- Colonies]

Economic conditions


Race identity

Race relations

Social conditions

Social life and customs

Politics and government [to be used after a country heading only]