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ENG 185 – Elion – Spring 2021

  Library Session Activities

Activity 1

To thoroughly explore your topic, you will need to approach your research question from multiple perspectives and draw on the techniques of different academic disciplines. Being flexible and thinking creatively about the sources you look for will be key!

Collaborative document

Mock research topic

Voter suppression in Georgia

Brainstorming & background searching

  • Who might be key stakeholders or players in the conversations about your issue? [adapted from your assignment handout]

  • What kinds of media or modes might people use to discuss the issue? [adapted from your assignment handout]

  • What keywords relate to this topic?

Situating the source

Select a source to examine with your group and discuss:

  1. What kind of source is this? Would it be helpful if you were working on this topic?
  2. What aspect of the topic is reflected in this source?
  3. If you wanted to find more information on the subject discussed in this source, what keywords would you use?
  Library Session Activities

Activity 2 – Focusing on your topic


You will be split into groups to work on each of your own topics collaboratively. For your topic, ask yourself these questions. We will be discussing your answers to the bolded questions together:

  1. Briefly, explain your topic to your group.
  2. What type of information will be helpful as you write and think about your topic? Who has something interesting to say about your topic?
  3. Who is publishing this information and where can you find it?
  4. With your group, brainstorm some keywords that you can use to search databases and websites. See what suggestions your groupmate(s) have for you.
  5. What additional keywords did you come across while searching? Remember that you can expand or adjust your keywords to help you find more results.
  6. Find a source on your topic if you can. What does this source add to your understanding of the topic?
  7. I will be coming around to help!