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ENG 185 – Elion – Fall 2021

  Evaluating Sources

Some of the questions you should ask when evaluating sources of information are:

  • Audience? Who will be reading this source?
  • Author? Who wrote this source?
  • Credentials? What are the credentials of the author? Can you tell if they are an expert on the subject? 
  • Are there sources or links to other information about the topic? Yes (If so, what kind?) or No.
  • Purpose? What is the purpose of this source?
  • Language? How easy or difficult to read or understand will most people find this source?
  • Publisher? Who published this source?
  • Source of information reliable? Would you trust this source? 
  • Scholarly/Popular? Is this source scholarly or popular?
  • Peer Review? Is this source peer-reviewed? How can you tell?

Ulrichsweb Serials Directory

Ulrichsweb Serials Directory can be used to verify the intended audience of a serial publication (also called a periodical) and whether or not it is considered scholarly. It is also a way to check whether or not a scholarly journal is peer reviewed.