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Discovery Seminar - Fragrances & Flavors - Mo - Spring 2023

This guide will help you locate resources for your project on chemical fragrances and flavors.
 Chemistry Databases


Since Emory Libraries have access to more than 1,000 research databases, sometimes it is easier to filter the databases by subject and choose a database based upon your research need. Simply do this by clicking on the "All Subjects" dropdown menu and click on a subject to narrow the results to the available databases that are within the selected discipline.


 General Databases


General databases are research databases that contain materials (articles, data sets, images, charts, and more) from a wide variety of publications that cover many different disciplines. Below are a few examples of Emory Libraries' most popular multidisciplinary databases.

Newspaper Databases

Looking for newspaper articles, current or historical? These databases are good places to search. Emory also has free current subscriptions available for The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.