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Discovery Seminar – Anderson – Spring 2022

  Research Guide

               DS – The Limits of Being Human


This guide is your starting point for research for your Discovery Seminar on The Limits of Being Human. You will find information on this guide about how to access and use library resources for this course.


  Need help?



  Finding images, sound files and literary works


Searching for Media

Images and sound files are retrieved using the attached keywords (metadata). Not finding what you are looking for? You may need to think about additional keywords. Consider the following aspects: 

  • Who/what is pictured, where is the scene located?
  • Are there certain colors or sounds you are looking for?
  • If you are looking for a specific work, write down what you know about it (e.g. artist, date, title, location, etc

Select the type of media you are looking for:

Literary Worksarticles

Search Tips

Not sure how to combine your keywords? Visit the following pages from the Concordia University Libraries Research Skills Tutorial:



Icons are from the Noun Project and under Creative Commons license (CCBY): mac by Alba de la Herrán, help by Andreas Vögele and Search by Adnen Kadrim, Image by David, Sound by Kantor Tegalsari, and Poetry by Martin.