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Emory EDGE Internship Program

Research Guide for the Emory EDGE Internship Class | Summer 2020

Getting Started


Welcome! This guide is designed to help you not only complete your EDGE Internship program teams project, but to also help you develop your research and project management skills more generally. These skills can help you with your projects and work here at Emory, and in your future endeavors.

You'll find the following information and resources on this guide:

Get Help - ways to get help from the library

Building Transferable Skills - ways to start thinking about the transferable skills you can develop during a research project

Starting a Research Project - tips and tricks for getting started

Evaluating Sources - how to ensure you're finding and using credible sources

Finding Local Atlanta sources - resources to help you find information on Atlanta, the economy, and the job market

Using Library Resources - ways to find books, articles, news sources, and data sources

Managing Your Project - tips for staying organized and managing your project

Online Workshops - ways to develop your skills at library workshops