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Summer RA Workshop - 2020: MLL Research Guides

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MacMillan Law Library Research Guides Video Recording

Our Research Guides

Research guides are a tool to make legal research and your life this summer easier and go more smoothly.  A Legal Research Guide is a reliable exploration of an area of law and the main resources you should use to perform research in that area.  Research guides succinctly introduce and discuss the area of law (for example, intellectual property law) and then provide an annotated list of resources or online links you can use when researching in that particular area of law.  Using a research guide will teach you some basics, save you time and point you to reliable resources.  An on point legal research guide can help you hit the legal research ground running.

The MacMillan Law Library currently has over 50 research guides under the “Library Research Guides” link on the library home page.  The guides were drafted by the reference librarians using a software platform called “Libguides”.  Sometimes we refer to our research guides as “our Libguides”.   The guides open to a general introductory page with targeted tabs across the top of it.  Each tab contains more detailed information, links and guidance on researching within your legal area.  Checking the list of research guides that Emory has available should be one of the first things you do when you begin your legal research projects this summer.  

MacMillan Law Library Research Guides