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COVID-19: Teaching Anthropology Remotely, Digital Content

Suggestions for finding anthropologically relevant digital content

DVDs and Streaming Media

Contact Lori Jahnke if you were planning to use a DVD during the remainder of the semester. I will search for a streaming version. We are happy to acquire content as needed, but the time to activate new licenses might be unpredictable In the current environment so consider checking our existing content for a suitable replacement title.


There are many image and photography resources available and this list will be updated as time allows. Contact Lori Jahnke with specific topic requests.



Many museums have been digitizing their collection catalogs and making the images open to the public. Visit their websites to find relevant collections or contact Lori Jahnke with topic requests.

Many museums also offer virtual tours. Visit Google Arts & Culture to browse online exhibits, tours, image galleries, and 3D representations of archaeological and historical sites.