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HIST 285/LACS 270 Historical Analysis: Health/Healing: Latin America

This guide is designed to help students in Professor Nichols Fall 2022 course with their research

Find Full Text

When you are searching for an article in a library database and you want to get the fulltext of the article, there are 4 possible scenarios you could face.

Scenario 1: The fulltext is available in the database you are searching. EASY! (click to view)

Scenario 2: The "Find it @ Emory" button  leads you to the fulltext in another database. There are two steps in this process. (Click to view)

Scenario 3: The "Find it @ Emory" button does not lead to the fulltext, but we have the article in the print copy of the journal in the library stacks

  • Search the journal title in Library Search. You can limit your search using "Journals" in the drop-down below the search box.
  • When you find the record for the journal, click the "Locate/Request Item" tab to see what volumes we have.
  • If you find your volume and it's located in the library you are in, you can use the call number to find the volume in the bookstacks.
  • If you find your volume and it's located at a different library or the Library Service Center, you can request the volume if you log in to Library Search (use "Log In" at top right of Library Search). Another option is to request just the article you need using the "Request Article or Chapter" tab in discoverE -- if available. This will give you the option of getting the article scanned for you.

Scenario 4: We do not have the article online or in print but you can request it using our Interlibrary Loan service. (Click the "Locate/Request Item" tab and then "Request via Interlibrary Loan" to have the request form pre-filled for you.)