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Discovery Seminar - Shomade - Fall 2020

Students in Dr. Shomade's Africa: Colonial Legacy and Rule of Law course should check here for research help and recommended resources.
Researching African Countries

In this section you will learn about how to find information on African countries, which will help you complete your research for this class. See the tabs above for help finding country information, newspapers, and journal articles.


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  Country Information

Looking for country information like population, economic growth, or other statistics? These sites are good places to find facts and figures.


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  Newspaper Databases

Looking for newspaper articles, current or historical? These databases are good places to search. Emory also has databases of publications on colonial law which may be helpful for your research.


Colonial Law Gazettes

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  Recommended Databases

Looking for scholarly journal articles? Search these databases!
  Searching Practice

Complete the exercises below to practice using these resources to find information!