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SPAN 424 Spain’s Culture of Human Rights

This guide is intended to assist students in Professor Gold's Fall 2022 class with their research.

Welcome to the Spain's Culture of Human Rights Resource Guide




Final research paper (30%)Work on the paper (10-12 pp., plus bibliography) will be staged sequentially, after an initial consultation with me. The stages include: submission of topic (Nov. 4); submission of tentative bibliography and thesis statement/research question (Nov. 18); final version (Dec. 9, 3: 00 PM). Further information will be provided later in the semester. Students may opt to research in greater depth one of the topics covered in the course, or they may instead choose to work on another aspect of contemporary Spanish culture pertaining to rights discourse: for instance, women’s/LGBTQ rights; the Okupa movement and rights to housing; the Indignados movement; water or other environmental rights; language rights; the right to online privacy, etc.  Although it is not mandatory, you are encouraged to submit a first draft by Dec. 2 (ungraded) to receive feedback.  The grade for the final paper is distributed as follows: 70% based on content; 30% writing (organization, proper bibliographic formatting following MLA style, quality of written Spanish).

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