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Business Research

A guide for researching in the field of business.

Welcome to the Business Research Guide!

This guide is your starting point for research in Business. Need additional help?


Why Use this Guide?


Emory Libraries licenses many of the databases that are essential for your business research. 
This guide will help you be more self-sufficient and confident in undertaking the business research process.

Are you... 

  • writing a business plan or preparing for a pitch?
  • researching a company and its competitors for an interview or class project?
  • curious about specific industries, such as markets, trends, and financial performance?
  • identifying global business statistics, such as country indicators or industry data?
Proper Use of Emory Libraries' Licensed Databases 

Emory Libraries license electronic resources (e.g. databases, ejournals, ebooks, etc.) only for academic use by current Emory University faculty, students and staff. This means you can only use them for your coursework, career exploration and personal enrichment.

You are strictly forbidden from:  1) using databases for employers or internships; 2) providing direct access to anyone at these or other organizations; and 3) sharing soft or hard copies of any reports, articles, spreadsheets, data, etc. from Emory’s licensed resources. Breach of this may result in vendors’ canceling access, and Emory students/individuals possibly facing disciplinary action for non-compliance with Emory’s Honor Code.

Additionally, you must always accurately cite all content used.  For guidelines for correctly citing sources in your decks or bibliographies, see the GBL Citation Guide for papers and the GBL Citation Guide for PowerPoint presentations.