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PHIL 114 Latin American, Latinx Thought

This research guide is designed to help the students in Professor Puche's Spring 2023 course with the research for their final paper.


Welcome to the Latin American, Latinx Thought Library Research Guide. Here you will find links to sources that will help you with writing your final paper.

Final Paper

Final Paper and Proposal: You will write one final paper 1800-2200 words in length and present a proposal 500 words in length during our paper proposal conference 4 weeks before the Final Paper is due. The Final Paper will conduct a reading of a text we have read in class and present a critical intervention or position in a debate the text raises. The Explanatory Written Response and the Critical Written Response are designed to get you to begin working through the style and questions you will address in your final paper so you are welcome to use the ideas and work you develop in these assignments for your final paper. You will be graded on the quality of the argument; claims you use to support your claims and your reading or explanation of the text. I will supply a rubric for the final paper during the paper proposal conference