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LACS 263W: Plantation America

This guide is designed to help students with their research for Dr. Goddard's Fall 2022 course


You will choose a specific form of popular culture, be it a sport like Cuban baseball, or Haitian carnival, and answer this question:

Does the popular culture in question help to affirm or contest the authority of the state, and how does it do so?

You want to follow the format of the essays we have read:

1) Offer a definition of popular culture, drawn from readings for class

2) Explain how your specific popular culture fits this definition

3) Explain how that specific popular culture fulfills its social purpose as affirming or contesting state power

Each person will need to prepare a list of 6 sources to be used, NO MORE THAN 2 of which can be class readings on electronic reserve, the rest must be drawn from study guide prepared by Dr. MacLeod, who can be contacted directly for help with this assignment, for a meeting with the instructor.

For the meeting with  the instructor each person must have an annotated bibliography of six sources, listing full titles with paragraph explaining how each source will help carry out your assignment

Good Luck!