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HIST 361: Brazil Country of the Future

This guide is designed to assist student with their research for Dr. Rogers Fall 2020 Semester course.

Welcome to the Brazil Country of the Future Research Guide



ASSIGNMENT 1  PRIMARY SOURCE ANALYSIS ESSAY First, you will write a paper analyzing a primary source from Brazilian history. You will find a source from Brazilian history--a document, an image, a set of statistics, or something else--and apply to it the technique of analysis and interpretation that we will be learning in class.  This essay amounts to fifteen percent of the final grade  DUE SEPTEMBER 22

ASSIGNMENT 2  PART I  RESEARCH BIOGRAPHY   You will also write a carefully researched biography (or autobiography, if you choose to take that approach) of a fictional person. Dr. Rogers will give you an individual’s profile and you will investigate as much as possible about time period, place, and imagined activities of your chosen  person. You will post your paper to our blog for all to read for twenty percent of your grade.   DUE OCTOBER 20

 ASSIGNMENT 2  PART 2  PROSOPOGRAPHY Finally, we will place these individuals into context with others, forming a group. You and several other people will combine your research to form a prosopography, a study of a group of individuals. You will choose a format to post your project on the blog for fifteen percent of your grade. DUE NOVEMBER 27.

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