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HIST 361: Brazil : Country of the Future

This guide is designed to help students in Dr. Roger's Spring 2024 class find resources for their research projects.


Welcome to the  "Brazil : Country of the Future" library research guide. This guide provides links to some useful resources for your research. It is not comprehensive, but intends to point the user to a variety of materials held at and beyond Emory.




Travel Account Analysis First, you will write a paper analyzing the account of a traveler to Brazil. You will choose a source from resources we will provide and apply to it the techniques of analysis and interpretation that we will be learning in class. This is worth fifteen percent of your grade.  DUE FEB 21

Research Biography You will also write a carefully researched biography (or autobiography, if you choose to take that approach) of a fictional person. Dr. Rogers will give you an individual’s profile and you will investigate as much as possible about time period, place, and imagined activities of your chosen  person. You will post your paper to our blog for all to read for twenty percent of your grade.  DUE APRIL 24